Jenni L.

This is the most peaceful, beautiful preschool I have ever seen. Ever. Walking in the front gate you see the beautiful mountains in the background and happy children giggling and working together in the foreground. Normally with this many children in one area there is usually bound to be someone screaming, someone crying, and general chaos. That is the furthest thing from the serene scenes playing out here day after day.

When my son first started Mis Manos he had difficulty with the transition and would cry quite a bit when I dropped him off and later in the day when other mommies and daddies came and he was still at school. During those first few weeks what impressed me the most was the fact that even if he was crying (and it was very little) he was always being held or comforted by a teacher. He was never left in a corner anywhere during his difficult transition. As a first time mom this was incredibly reassuring.

Now my son has been attending this school for nearly four months he loves it there. In fact we bumped his schedule up to 5 days a week because he would ask to see his teachers and his friends. He has improved in his listening and communicating so much and is always happy and tired when he comes home. I always ask him how his day was, and he beams and says "Good!" usually followed by some babbling about what he did (2 year olds aren't always the easiest to understand) and a very exuberant "Alba!" (his teacher). 

We pack his lunch and water bottle each day and he brings them right into his classroom. He's also learned that whenever he goes outside he should ask for his hat and sunscreen which is an added bonus! I do also want to point out that their toddler class, which my son is in, does not require them to be potty trained and begins at 18months. There is a waiting list and for good reason, this is an amazing school! I also hear they are cloth-diaper friendly, we asked but haven't gotten our stuff together to bring to them so we've been using disposables.

I recommend this school to anyone and everyone I meet!

Tucson, AZ