These videos provide an overview of a Montessori education to assist parents that may not be very familiar with the Montessori Pedagogy.

Montessori: Planting the Seeds of Learning Original

A 12 minute introduction to Montessori education from the Montessori Foundation. The video was prepared by Artrix Video in Sarasota, Florida. Copyright is held by the Montessori Foundation. The video is available on DVD from the Montessori Foundation’s publication center:


Nurturing the Love of Learning: Montessori Education for the Preschool Years

This DVD originally produced by the American Montessori Society has now been upgraded to an all new high definition version which can be found on YouTube by the same name. You can purchase the new DVD at


What Children Really Get Out of a Montessori Education

This is a recording of a talk given by Montessori Foundation President, Tim Seldin, to Montessori educators on the outcomes of a Montessori education that we typically see in children by age twelve. 

What is Montessori? | Jesse McCarthy

Video by Jesse McCarthy |